Last Will and Testament

Every adult should have a Will – for many reasons. Most obvious is that it directs the disposition of your assets. Beyond this, it also nominates the guardians of your minor children.

Without a will, the laws of intestacy will direct who receives your assets. And if any assets are going to your minor children, they will receive these assets upon turning 18 years old.

To prevent this, even a simple will can contain a "testamentary trust," which would provide that assets going your children be held until whatever age or ages you believe are appropriate for your children, and it can further provide that principal can be invaded for certain events such as education, marriage, or the birth of their children.

A basic estate planning package is not unduly expensive. While many attorneys want to get you in their office before they tell you what they will charge you for estate planning, the Law Offices of Todd Gustafson, Esq., want you to have this information in advance. The initial consultation for estate planning is free.

Fees:  Our usual fee for the preparation of a Complete Will Package, including a Will, Durable Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy & Living Will, and Appointment of Agent for Disposition of Remains is $495, and if you have a spouse or partner we will prepare a complete package for that person as well for an additional fee of just $100.

Of course, if your situation requires more advanced estate planning, such as testamentary trusts for  minors or special needs beneficiaries, an additional fee shall apply, which will be quoted during your free consultation.

We strongly believe that everyone needs the basic documents in our Will package – so much so that, if you are unable to afford our usual fee, please call Todd to discuss what you can afford, or whether you would need to make payments over time. We want you to have the documents you need to protect yourself and your family!

Also, if age or health makes travel difficult for you, home visits at no additional charge are available anywhere within Monroe County.

Please call the Law Offices of Todd Gustafson, Esq., at 585-230-6298 with any questions, or to schedule a free initial consultation. Just ask for Todd.