Legal Fees

Many attorneys want to get you in their office before they tell you what they will charge you for a Medicaid application.

The Law Offices of Todd Gustafson, Esq., want you to have this information in advance. The initial consultation for Medicaid planning is free.

For applicants who are already eligible for Medicaid, the usual fee is $2,750 for Mr. Gustafson (or staff under his direct supervision) to prepare and file a Medicaid application, including all coordination with the Department of Human Service up through a decision on the application.

For applicants who will need advice and assistance to make transfers of assets to qualify for Medicaid (such as deeding a house, spousal refusal of support, or gifting with a promissory note), or if other advice is necessary to make you eligible for Medicaid, the usual fee for the legal advice, assistance in transferring assets, preparation and filing of the application, and all coordination with the Department of Human Service up through a decision on the application will range between $4,900 and $7,900, depending on the complexity of the transfers required and the techniques employed to preserve resources. Any recording fees imposed by the State or County are an additional expense to be paid by the client.

If a Medicaid application should be denied, Mr. Gustafson shall attempt to resolve the issue through an “agency conference” – which is typically a telephone conference with the DHS caseworker and a supervisor. There is no additional charge for Mr. Gustafson’s involvement in the agency conference.

If an agency conference does not resolve all outstanding issues, or for any other reason a Medicaid Fair Hearing is required before an Administrative Law Judge, Mr. Gustafson will charge an additional $1,500 for representing the applicant (or his or her representative) at the Fair Hearing. Upon request, you will be provided a written description of the scope of work for each of the fees quoted above.

If you do not presently need Medicaid, but would like Mr. Gustafson to prepare a written plan with legal advice as to how to arrange your affairs for future Medicaid needs, the fee will be $250.00 per hour. If pursuant to this advice you choose to create and fund a trust, there will be an additional fee for preparation of the trust documents.

Please call the Law Offices of Todd Gustafson, Esq., at 585-230-6298 with any questions, or to schedule a free initial consultation. Just ask for Todd.